Dutch Desktop Grids Dutch Desktop Grids

The Netherlands has a long history in Desktop Grid computing. Currently there are half a dozen Big Desktop Grids.

AlmereGrid BOINC Grid AlmereGrid BOINC Grid

Stichting AlmereGrid - Foundation AlmereGrid operates the first City Grid in the world. Currently it operates a service that enables citizens, SMEs and other organizations to donate unused computing cycles to scientific programmes. As the world's first, it especially addresses "early majority" people and organizations.
Many companies have signed a partner agreement with AlmereGrid. They contribute resources, such as systems, software or services, and participate in the developments. AlmereGrid partners include: SARA, Oracle, Rabobank, IBM, NWO/NCF, LogicaCMG,  ALCA, Foundry, ALCA, Engage Technology.

AlmereGrid is working on a test for a Grid based back-up for SME's. Part of an SME's hard disk will be used by back-up for other SME's. Just as with more traditional Grids, security is paramount in this type of resource sharing. The test is part of a European IST project BEinGRID, Business Experiments in Grids.
Another innovative use of the City Grid that is in the planning phase, is to provide a "Grid based building assistent" for people who want to build their own home (about 25.000 in the coming years).


ABC@Home ABC@Home

ABC@home is a project of volunteer computing in mathematics that aims to promote mathematics, and to shed light on the ABC conjecture (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abc_conjecture). This conjecture is one of the main open problems in number theory. The project was initiated in 2006 by the Mathematical Institute of the Universiteit Leiden and kennislink.nl, a Dutch language popular science website.