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IDGF now operational at EGI Operations Centre

IDGF is now fully operational at the EGI Operations Centre. The IDGF integration procedure production has been completed. All necessary operational teams and tools are established in IDGF Operations Centre and they are ready for production. This Operations Centre is visible in all operational tools as IDGF and is responsible for all IDGF sites.


We proudly announce that the Hungarian Chapter has been established. The initial version of this website has been created. Feel free to contact us in case you have any feedback or comment!

News from the Hungarian Chapter

News from the Hungarian Chapter

Hungarian Chapter Hungarian Chapter

WELCOME on the webpage of the Hungarian Chapter of the International Desktop Grid Federation!

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Our aim is to get together the institutes, scientists and operators working on the field of Desktop Grid and to share and built our common knowledge related to this technology.We are also going to publish news on the latest developments and events on this field.


The language of the Hungarian Chapter is ENGLISH, since people in this field uses English in their everyday work.This chapter has been started by SZTAKI, but it is free to join for any Hungarian institutes (after becoming member of IDGF) on this field.