Infrastructure Infrastructure

Overview of the infrastructure and services the Hungarian Chapter is operating and maintaining

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Public services

  • Autodock portal for scientists
    Publicly available web-based execution of the well-known autodock application. The jobs submitted to this portal are executed on volunteer resources of EDGeS@home
    The service is available at
  • Plagiarism search for citizens
    The KOPI Online Plagiarism Search Portal is a unique, open service for web users that enables them to check for identical or similar contents between their own documents and the files uploaded by other authors. This check function works in any European language, due to our language-independent algorithm.
    The service is available at


BOINC projects

  • EDGeS@home
    This project aims to support the European scientists by executing their applications on the clients' machines.
  • SZTAKI Desktop Grid
    This project focuses on supporting the Hungarian scientists. Applications from several hungarian institutes are hosted.


gLite services and bridges

  • VO
    This VO is operated to support BOINC projects with gLite resources.
    Monitoring information about this service can be found at
  • gLite modified (bridging) CE
    This computing element performs automatic forwarding of gLite jobs to BOINC projects for executing the jobs on volunteer resources. Access to this computing element is granted to several european virtual organisation.
    Monitoring information about this service can be found at