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Here are some list of projects that make use of Desktop Grid technology in the South-East Asian


Folding@Malaysia is a group of Malaysian based computer enthusiast that is involved with Stanford's Folding@Home distributed computing project. Xelax at first created this team. It has gone through a few changes and has moved from a few forums before the forum at became our new home.  The website is set up to provide a main location for team members to access useful information about the team and project, and also for new members to learn more about what we are doing.

  • UTP Desktop Grid

The HPC Center in UTP has been running a multilayered volunteer computing-based Genetic Algorithm (GA) architecture for solving the vehicle routing problem (VRP). The architecture consists of two stages of optimizations: the first stage of optimization is done by the lower-layer GAs running on hundreds of computers distributed throughout the campus (the Desktop grid). The upper-layer GA is running on a high-end computer (a shared-memory multicore machine). The upper-layer GA, throughout its evolutionary process, inserts randomly selected solutions (chromosomes) of the lower-layer GAs into its local population. Superior results obtained from the GA architecture shows the benefit of exploiting idle computers available in the campus to solve hard computing problems.


  • UPM Desktop Grid (